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Can you provide more details regarding referrer URLs?

You may sometime encounter referrer URLs for some of the traffic provided by Media Traffic.

We currently work with a number of distributors that promote our utilities, some of which iFrame the destination that is displayed.

What you are seeing as the referrer URLs is not the actual URL that triggered the pop up but rather the domain that belongs to our distributors in which the destination is iFramed in.

This method of advertising will never provide the actually URL that triggered that ad and the target that was present in the category campaign, which is called the trigger URL.

Unfortunately we donít have any control on how the distributor goes about displaying the destination.

This is simply the way that they are able to integrate with our utilities. In a nutshell, your campaign will pop only when the targeted keywords are triggered in targeted campaigns or/and category campaigns.

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Last update: 2012-06-26 13:02
Author: Media Traffic Agency
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