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What does the precision match do?

With the precision match feature, you are controlling where our system should match your targets and trigger your campaigns.

For example, if you add "auto insurance" as a target with the Complete URL precision match, our system will trigger your ad in both instants where a users makes a search or visits a website for which "car" and "insurance" is present in the URL. Example: or

The Search Engine precision match will trigger your campaign only if the keyword "auto insurance" appears in a search under Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and so forth for a search for "auto insurance" or "insurance auto" or "cheap auto insurance".

URL without Query String precision match will trigger your campaign only if the target "auto insurance" appears before the query string which is usually before the "?" in a URL. Example: or

The last option, Query String Only, means that your campaign will only trigger if the target is present after the "?" in the URL. Example:

Please note: URL provided are only examples.

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